In the not-too-distant past, with the first developments of virtual and augmented reality, popularizers thought that the format of video games, the computer, and the Internet would change dramatically within a few years. A person will become an active participant, an actor in everything on the display screen, which will be transferred to the user’s apartment or office in a three-dimensional format.

At the same time, businesses need to understand that from a marketing point of view, the presentation of gambling for casinos in a virtual format and augmented reality is just one of the methods of involvement of some, not such a wide segment of the target audience.

Casino visitors and fans of slot machines are a specific category of users whose main interest and need is not to immerse themselves fully in the live atmosphere of gambling halls but to enjoy the excitement and winning in the betting process.

Popular slot machine Jet X bet, which has attracted millions of users, especially in Africa and India, is not a super modern development but has a powerful, engaging effect.

The principles of participation and betting on the JetX game on 1Win are traditional and understandable to gamers. The user does not need to spend a long time studying the rules and practicing betting techniques. A more or less experienced gamer can start making real bets from the first time, as everything is clear at a glance.

JetX game on 1Win
JetX game

For what target audiences will be attractive games in virtual and augmented reality format

Suppose you carefully study and analyze the range of games offered at online casinos. In that case, you can see that most slot machines and table games are very schematic and often do not have any game plot at all, which could be attributed to the life of people or some natural phenomena. However, there are some games where the virtual reality aspect can be very appealing to users at online casinos:

  1. Roulette, poker, blackjack, and other card and table games involve participation in a group of opponents. In this sense, the player needs to be able to observe the facial expressions, gestures, behavior, and statements of partners.
  2. Virtual reality will be very interesting for fans of multiplayer games with complex graphics, open worlds, strategies, shooters, and similar projects. In this case, maximizing the closeness of the game graphics and participation opportunities to real everyday life or fiction can be a positive aspect for the user.
  3. For fans of single-player games and slot machines, where a close personal relationship between participants is not envisioned, where teams of gamers are not created, and where multiplayer tournaments are not held, the value of virtual reality technology is questionable.

To determine which games are suitable to develop in virtual and augmented reality and where additional costs are useless, large-scale marketing research of the real interests of different segments of target audiences of the game market is carried out.

For example, when the whole point of a slot machine is to play short rounds with quick bets and withdrawal of winnings, while the game plot consists of a short flight of a jet airliner with passengers, it is hard to imagine how a virtual format could increase engagement and improve the user experience of the gamer.

The described game is declared as a real opportunity for the participant to quickly replenish their budget. Of course, placing real bets at the start of participation would be risky, and there is a JetX Demo Game app for initial training.

Since the JetX game has attracted a multi-million dollar audience, numerous recommendations and strategies on how to win Jet X can be found on the Internet. Carefully studying and testing the tips published in the blogosphere, how to bet properly, and at what point to exit the game will help the user have even more fun and win more winnings while participating.


Since this is a real game with live money betting, before entering into serious competition, it is necessary to carefully study the How To Withdrawal Money From JetX Game guide, which can be found on the site at the chosen casino.

For the sake of security and the safety of money, experts recommend choosing only those online casinos that cooperate directly with the game developer and can provide their visitors with the latest updates with a high degree of protection from third-party influences.

Developers create games in different formats to attract players with different interests. Some like to play directly on the site in the casino, in the web browser’s interface. Someone indulges in excitement on the small display of a smartphone or tablet. Someone likes applications with beautiful and complex graphics on a large widescreen desktop computer.

In this context, we can assume that even for symbolic and schematic games with simple gameplay, there are bound to be some segments of the target audience who will like the virtual format of their favorite slot with quick bets.

So we can conclude that shortly, the gamer’s choice will be offered not only the ability to download installation packages and place the game application on a smartphone or desktop or play online on the casino site but also a virtual reality format with special visual special effects and opportunities to observe the behavior of partners and dealers in real-time.

As it has been throughout all times, the next technical innovation has always been reflected in the gaming sphere and created an opportunity for a wider involvement of users in gaming clubs.

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