The history of video games begins long before the widespread of PCs, namely in the 1940s. Just two years after the end of World War II, the world’s first video game device was invented in 1947 for entertainment. However, the purposeful development of the game industry began much later, namely in the early 1970s.

The 70s of XX century

In this period of history, the first designs for mainframe computers have been published. Mainframe computers are huge and small. Computer versions of chess, board games like Dungeons & Dragons, and survival simulations became particularly popular in those years. Yet in those decades, developers created the first tridimensional gaming applications, as well as programs with the ability to play with character views (FPS).

The 80s of XX century

The next ten years of the history of the video game world are characterized by the popularization of arcade machines, home consoles, and computers. PC sales have increased to such an extent that gaming entertainment has begun to have a major impact on many social spheres. The developers began to create a lot of periodicals on the subject of video games, and television began to make broadcasts about it. Comics and popular films have also begun to be published. New technologies have begun to evolve, such as isometry and parallax.

The 90s of XX century

This period is characterized by a final transition from raster graphics to fully polygonal tridimensional graphics. Arcade video games that were popular before have now given way to first-person narration shooters. Such games are called MMO, or multiplayer online apps. In addition, real-time strategies have become popular. New genres and subgenres appeared and allowed video game fans to increase visibly.

The modern history of computer games evolution

The world’s first video game is Spacewar, which developers created specifically for the PDP-1 device in 1961. So much has changed in the video game industry over the last half-century. Today, it has many different genres, but the most popular of them are:

  • FPS, or first-person shooters;
  • RTS, or real-time strategies;
  • MMO, or online games;
  • RPG, or role-playing video games.

The modern game industry will interest every computer user and game fan regardless of his or her age. The reason is a wide choice of genres and games.

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