Mobile gaming is as popular as the quantity and quality of games as computer one. You can read our list of phone games on an android basis to have fun with your smartphone.

  1. Threes. The game called «2048» is an exact copy of the Threes project. Both variants are popular and almost identical, so you are free to download and use both games at once. The rules of the game are not complicated. Therefore, you have to connect cells with the same numbers and figures to get a doubling of them. Your goal is to combine a large number of cells in a field.
  2. Brawl Stars. This game combines a fighting style, multiplayer online game, and shooter. You can choose from several game modes, including fighting, robbing, crystals collecting, and even winning awards. This game has simple but beautiful graphics, so even a non-powerful smartphone can process this game.
  3. Hearthstone. This project has both a mobile and a computer version. This is a card video game in which each card represents a magical creature, spell, technique, or other objects that will increase your interest in the game process. Developers publish this game free of charge and allow gamers to buy in-game advantages free.
  4. Roblox. A very popular mobile phone game combines all the advantages and opportunities of such projects as Minecraft, Brawl Stars, and Lego. You can choose journeys, intense arena fights, dozens of different mini-games, juicy character customization, and simple improvements. On the basis of the video game, there is a huge spectrum of possibilities to create a different kind of environment. In Roblox, you can even recreate scenes from the movies.

Other games for smartphones on an Android basis

There are still some popular mobile games for Android that you have to tell you about. This is:

  • Standoff 2. It is a unique copy of the Counter Strike online game.
  • Shadow Fight. It’s the most popular project in a small fighting game segment.
  • WOT Blitz. This is the computer analog of MMO for tanks, which is adapted to the Android.
  • Asphalt 9. It’s another race with amazing graphics, lots of cars, and maps.

You can choose and download games and apps for phones with Android to spend your free time with pleasure.

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