Osu is an anime-style game that the developers released in 2007. The goal of this game and the gamer is to drive and click on the display to music. You will select the tune and follow the animation elements in the clock that appear on the display. Therefore, you should just click on the circle; if you get a slider, you just slide it side by side, and the spinner you are going to push.

Game modes

OSU gives you four modes. Here you can have fun alone, and the multiplayer option allows the user to invite their friend. This will make the gameplay more diverse and interesting.


This mode will help you develop your reaction. On the display, there are musical notes in which you should click. You will also be able to walk on the sliders of the ball and spinner.


In OSU, there are new modes and music tracks that users and developers call maps. The game consists of clicking on the blue and red circles, simulating punches on the edge or centre. Users use the X and C keys, but on the blue ones are Z and V. When the enlarged note approaches you, you should click two buttons simultaneously. OSU provides an analogue to the traditional yellow-shaded slider. It doesn’t have any significant effect on the combo, but if the player gets this, he gets points. You should do it in the rhythm of the music. If the gamer is fast or too slow, points will not be scored on his account. Spinner in this mode is modified and functions by alternating two notes at the same time.

Fruit mode

This game will allow you to use non-standard cards that differ significantly from the gameplay. Therefore, in this mode, the gamer will collect all the fruit under the rhythm of the music. Three keys control this mode: Shift, which allows speeding up the hero, and the arrows «to the right» and «to the left» are used to move.

If a gamer fails to catch a fruit in normal acceleration, it has the ability to activate an improved fruit. For that, he should catch a glowing red fruit. The hero of the gamer who catches it will be accelerated and will be able to handle the task without losing the combo. In this mode, there is the ability to use a mouse. To do this, you should do Relax.


This mode resembles a more complicated variant called taiko. Here, you also have to click on music notes that move on the transporter. The number of keys is very large here. The mode will remind you of the drum emulator, however, the gamer can change the settings and choose another tool and use all keys. Note speed can be adjusted. Control is performed by such keyboard keys as S, D, F, J, K, L. A space key is a key that you will use as a central key, and as a special key, the developers recommend using the left Shift button. Over the years, developers have modified this mode, and now the gamer can independently install a mod that allows playing with each other on the same computer and keyboard.

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