If you like Japanese music and Japanese girls as much as I do, you should definitely try using the Muse Dash music game that developers have just published, which is a couple of years ago. Today, this game is at the top of China’s popularity ratings in this genre, as well as in Japan and even the US, which are famous for their pickiness and unique taste.

At first glance, the game Muse Dash is too simple:

  • Thus, it seems, the girl runs towards victory against the background of a musical base in a rather straightforward costume in the style of anime. Along the way, she wins over a continuous wave of enemies. Enemies are cute but vicious cats, fast rockets, and even ball lightning.
  • You must be careful because you must not forget the life-giving hearts that you must collect on time. They will be useful to you if you deplete your ammo. Otherwise, you can’t even handle one level. Each level is filled with a new song.
  • The kind and caring elves keep this girl company so she doesn’t get bored.

Muse Dash has light gameplay. All you have to do is control the game with a double and long touch.

Despite its simplicity, this game has attracted fans instantly within the boundaries of Steam. AppStore also started to sell this game when this project appeared in the form of seductive dynamic wallpaper in Tic-Tok.

Even though Muse Dash is classified as paid, licensed, but it still costs very little. That’s why you can rest assured that the money spent is worth the hours of pleasure you’ll spend in the wonderful fruit and candy forests, the gothic castle, and even the odd futuristic city of the future.

The game has democratic rules and will be an ideal option for those people who want to have fun as a runner for all ages. Although this game is sold in Stim as 18+, I believe the reason for it is only in the unique costumes of the main character, which are sometimes too open but still do not reach this mark.

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