Football is an absolute pleasure for many people, and it unites people, gives them the joy of victory, and makes them stronger and more confident. However, there is a unique opportunity to feel the effectiveness of football right from home. We are referring to a series of video games called FIFA, which is the most successful one in the history of video games.

The famous FIFA and its history

FIFA is a video game series that was created by a company called EA Sports in 1993. The first part, titled International Soccer, received positive reviews and was the beginning of a successful franchise. Each year, EA Sports released another video game of the series, adding new features and improving the graphics and gameplay of this project.

Gameplay features

FIFA is a series of video games that helps gamers conduct virtual football matches in a single-player or multiplayer format. In this project, you can use a lot of modes such as career, Ultimate Team, and fast games. Gamers can choose old teams and create new clubs with their favorite players.

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Ultimate Team

One of the most famous chips in the series is the Ultimate Team (UT) mode. Gamers use this to create their unique team by buying professional characters for in-game currency or real money, and Gamers can compete against other gamers or bots. New elements appear in this Ultimate team every year, creating more robust and exciting sections.


Real clubs and stadiums

This game will show you many football clubs that exist today. They include both the most famous national and regional leagues. Sports competitions occur at carefully recreated stadiums, and FIFA tries to add more football clubs and stadiums to make the gameplay even more realistic every year.

In recent years, such well-known teams have emerged as the Juventus Football Club, Roma, and Ajax. In addition, this game will show you the official shapes and logos of football clubs. Taken together, all this brings fans a lot of good impressions of the gameplay.

Career mode

In this mode, the gamer can play for any team, such as a beginner and little-known club or a large or famous one. It can run a football club, contract with players, conduct training, participate in matches, and fight for titles and prizes. The career mode allows each gamer to feel like a real coach, make decisions and build a development strategy for a particular football club.

Gameplay and competition with PES

The gameplay in FIFA is one of its main features. The graphics and physics of motion are constantly improving, making the entertainment process as realistic as possible. The game features a data analysis system that allows you to control each virtual footballer on the field, conduct tactical replacements and change the style of attack and defense.

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) is the main rival of FIFA, which was created by such a company as Konami. These series have fans, but FIFA is still popular and successful. Despite this, developers constantly try to improve their games and attract the attention of new gamers.


The FIFA video game series is your unique opportunity to enjoy football in your home. This project will give you many modes, teams, and features that make gamers feel like real football stars. Every year, the series is updated and improved and attracts more and more fans. If you like football, then FIFA is your optimal option.

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