Tell me, did you imagine yourself on stage in a huge, enthusiastic stadium near the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith? On the other hand, maybe you wanted to play a rhythmic, taking solo from «Crazy» to heaven on your electric guitar?

In that case, you must regret that you do not possess sufficient skill in the art of playing electric guitar or bass guitar.

Rocksmith is a game that will turn your dreams into reality. You do not need living teachers who demand big money from you for each lesson, anymore.

All you have to do is take the guitar you want. Next, you turn on your tablet or laptop and run the Rocksmith program.

If you don’t know which fret you have to press with your fingers and which strings to pinch in a particular chord, the Rocksmith game will tell you all the applications you need for all the songs from a huge list of world hits you can learn quickly through Rocksmith. Therefore, one day, during a party, you’ll be able to impress your beloved boyfriend or a girl you’ve always liked, but you were too shy to admit it.

Humans didn’t invent games for fun

Historians argue that in the deep antiquity of the game predispose not to borrow children who prevent adults from doing «important» things. Their goal was to learn useful skills. Through the games, children could learn to hunt, protect their homes from enemies, and navigate the countryside.

Rocksmith is reassigned to teach music in the game method. Gamification is learning through games. As studies and tests have shown, gamification helps a person to learn any skills ten times faster than boring traditional education does.

In the «Book of the Five Rings» (a book which today became the chief assistant of every self-respecting Japanese manager and businessman), Miyamoto Musashi wrote: «I have every time refused teachers when I studying an art».

You can become a virtuoso thanks to the music game Rocksmith without resorting to boring learning. With this game, you can play your favorite songs and even learn the most complex compositions from the repertoire of such great musicians as Eric Clapton, David Bowie, and Chris Rea.

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